CISCO Networking Academy Program
What is the Internet of Things? Why Change the Name? Here’s to Humanity The Internet: The Place to Go Internet Maps Transitioning to the IoT The Circle Story1.2.1 The Changing Environment Organizations Adapt or Lose Competitive Edge Governments and Technology Barcelona A Smart City1.2.2 Transforming Businesses with IoE Hyper-Aware, Predictive, Agile IoT and Industries Core Priorities Maximizing IoE Value Interactive Activity - Match the Core Priorities to their Descriptions Networks are the Foundation Networks of Many Sizes Components of the Network End Devices Intermediate Network Devices Network Media Interactive Activity – Classify the Network Components Packet Tracer – Packet Tracer Introduction, and the Internet Types of Networks The Converged Network Planning for the Future Lab - Mapping the Internet Packet Tracer – Packet Switching Simulation Need for Standards Protocol Suite Network Connectivity Network Access for Currently Unconnected Things Interactive Activity – Match the Layers of the TCP/IP Model Chapter 1: What is the IoT?
Elements of the IoE The Four Elements What are Things? Common Devices Connecting Devices Sensors RFID Controller The IoT and the IoE Interactive Activity – Identify IoT Terms What is Data? Management of Data Data Storage Interactive Activity – Identify Data Measurements Internet Service Providers IP Addressing IP Packets IP Address Management Packet Tracer – Transportation of Data More Connections = More Data Data in Motion Managing Big Data Big Data Analytics Big Data Analytics (cont.) Interactive Activity – Identify Big Data Terms Virtualization Cloud Computing Data Centers Clouds Three Critical Cloud Requirements Interactive Activity – Match the Cloud Computing Services Lab - Install a Linux Virtual Machine People Must be Connected Information Transforms Behavior How Businesses Use Data Micromarketing Example Collaboration Processes Facilitate Interactions M2M Connections M2P Connections M2P Connections (Cont.) P2P Connections Property Management Case Study Timely and Relevant Information A Drop of Water Chapter 2: Elements of the IoE
Connecting the Unconnected Imagine the Possibilities Connecting Things for Consumers Connecting Things for Industries The Converged Network and Things Challenges to Connecting Things Challenges to Connecting Things (Cont.) The Six Pillars of the Cisco IoT System Supporting the IoT in Industry Supporting the IoT in Industry Supporting the IoT in Industry Supporting the IoT in Industry Industrial IoT Devices Network Models Fog Applications Security (Cyber and Physical) Pillar Data Analytics Pillar Management and Automation Pillar Application Enablement Platform Pillar Interactive Activity: Match Each Pillar to its Description End Devices in the IoT Sensors Actuators Controllers in the Fog IP-Enabled Controllers IP-Enabled Sensors Static IP Addressing Automatic IP Addressing Packet Tracer – Install and Configure IoT Devices Role of IoT Infrastructure Devices Types of Routers Cisco ISR 819 Cisco 800 Series Industrial ISR Small Business Routers Types of Ports Settings Gateway Packet Tracer - Home IoE Implementation Programming Facilitates the IoT Define Basic Programming Types of Programs Programming Languages Interactive Activity – Identify Program Terms JavaScript Programming Example The Cisco Coffee JavaScript Application Learn about Google’s Blockly Game Lab: Create a Program with Blockly Lab: Learn about Python Defining Prototyping How to Prototype Physical Materials Electronic Toolkits Programming Resources Community Inventor and Entrepreneurship Workshops Challenge Lab: Learn about Wyliodrin Challenge Lab: Introduction to the Raspberry Pi Challenge Lab: Introduction to Arduino Chapter 3: Connecting the Unconnected
Transitioning to the IoE IT and OT Converging IT and OT M2M Connections M2M Interactions in IoE Solutions M2P Connections M2P Interactions in IoE Solutions P2P Connections P2P Interactions in IoE Solutions M2M, M2P, P2P Interacting to Form Solutions Interactive Activity: Identify the Interaction Understanding Existing Business Processes Understanding Existing IT and OT Networks Business Goals and Opportunities Cisco Streamlines Old Mining Operation Determine Technical Requirements Potential Constraints Interactive Activity: Match the Technical Requirement to its Description Interactive Activity: Match the Potential Constraint to its Description The IoE Architectural Approach Adjusting Technologies Connecting Processes The IoE in Retail The IoE in Manufacturing The IoE in the Public Sector The IoE for Service Providers The Cisco IoT System in IoE Solutions Proprietary Ecosystems Technological Growth Growth Relevancy to IoE Big Data Challenges Bandwidth Requirements Cloud vs Fog Computing The Learning Society Need for Additional Security Security Strategy Pervasive Security Architecture Security Devices Application-Centric Security Wireless Security Redundancy and High Availability People are the Weakest Link Security Policy Personal Data and the IoE Chapter 4: Transitioning to the IoE
Modeling an IoE Solution Improving Healthcare with IoE A Diabetic Patient Healthcare Solution Model M2M Interactions M2P Interactions P2P Interactions Analytical Tools Analytics in Healthcare Interactive Activity – Identify the Analytic Type Packet Tracer – Diabetic Patient Healthcare IoE Solution Value in Good Modeling Flowcharts Healthcare Model Flowchart Physical Topology Logical Topology Let’s get Digital The Benefits of Digital Transformation The Cisco Networking Academy Program Networking Academy Curricula IT Industry Certifications Additional Learning Opportunities IT Industry Jobs for the IoE Create Your Own IoE Job Chapter 5: Bringing it all Together
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